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Ceramics at Home 

For previous MOCA Ceramics students with access to a personal space suitable for ceramics work, MOCA is offering community firing to keep everyone creative and productive! Create at home, pay only for the clay and a firing fee that covers both bisque and glaze firings, and a scheduled in-studio glaze day! 

Work left from previous semesters will be finished at no additional cost to students during this time. 

Available Clay Bodies & Prices 

B Mix                          $17/bag 
Soldate 60*                $17/bag 
Laguna Dark Brown   $17/bag 
Wonder White            $18/bag 
Orangestone              $18/bag
Helios Porcelain*       $29/bag

Firing Fees**: $0.08/in3 
**Covers both bisque and glaze firing, as well as your scheduled in-studio glazing. MOCA Members receive the MOCA Shop 10% discount on firing fees over $50.
Work from previous class sessions will be finished with no additional fees, as firing costs are included in course fees. 

Clay Sales and Firing 

Clay bodies will be available for purchase at the front desk of MOCA, where we have implemented all COVID precautions. Clay sales will be first-come, first-served at the front desk of MOCA. Current supplies are limited, particularly in popular clay bodies, so we do ask that you limit your purchase to 25 pounds per person. 

Due to COVID restrictions, masks or face coverings must be worn and transactions will be credit card only. While in the building, all visitors must follow the guidelines from the CDC and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

When your piece or pieces are ready to bisque fire, bring it back to MOCA during the designated days and times below. Each piece will be measured by MOCA staff and you will check out for your firing fees. Remember to include an identifying mark on your piece, to help ensure that the correct piece is returned to you after firing! We will fire the kilns when they are filled and contact you when your piece is ready.  

Clay Sales: 
Until current stock is depleted 

Thursdays: 10am – 3pm  
Fridays: 10am – 12:30pm 
Saturdays: 10am – 12:30pm 
Sundays: 1 – 3:30pm 

Greenware Dropoff*: 

Wednesdays: 2 – 4pm

In-Studio Glazing 

All in-studio time must be pre-scheduled to ensure proper distancing in the studios and that proper materials are prepared. All individuals in the studios must follow COVID guidelines while in the building. You will be contacted when your work is ready for glazing, and we will make an appointment for your time in the studio.
Check the website schedule for regular updates, including any changes to in-studio work time. 

View the Studio Calendar here. Please note that all in-studio time is by appointment to ensure proper distancing.

This offer is exclusive to previous MOCA Ceramics Students ONLY. 

Ceramics at MOCA
Ceramics at MOCA
Ceramics at MOCA
Ceramics at MOCA