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As an institution committed to displaying a wide variety of cutting-edge art, Virginia MOCA exhibitions are rotated out every 3-5 months. MOCA (formally the Contemporary Art Cener of Virginia) publications serve as academic record for our institution which, unlike many other museums, does not have a permanent collection to document its institutional growth. Artist and group exhibition catalogues are a way of recording MOCA’s academic achievement and aid the museum in reaching its strategic goal of “becoming an intellectual centerpiece of the region and engage in national discourse.”

Authored by Virginia MOCA staff, these publications further illuminate the theories and practices of artists highlighted within the MOCA exhibition set. The dissemination and purchase of MOCA catalogues provides lenders, collectors, artists and the public an archival document that in turn supports art and art education.

MOCA has an archive of full-color catalogues from select exhibitions. Catalogues are available to be shipped to other institutions. Call for more information 757.425.0000 x0.

Catalogues from exhibits curated by MOCA (formerly the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia):

Catalogues from exhibits loaned to and displayed at MOCA (formerly Contemporary Art Center of Virginia):