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Panel Discussion: Your Neighbor’s Hood Live Podcast: Beauty, Feminism, and Race

6 PM


Join Jackie Glass and Christina Kimbrough of Your Neighbor’s Hood podcast for a panel discussion inspired by our current exhibition The Rest of History that explores beauty, feminism, and race. Jackie and Christina will talk with artists and community members about what beauty means and the how race impacts beauty standards and societal expectations.

5:30 | Galleries open
6:00 | Panel Discussion
7:00 | Galleries open

About Your Neighbor’s Hood: Your Neighbor’s Hood is a podcast hosted by two friends, Jackie Glass and Christina Kimbrough. Each week they have uncomfortable culture conversations, specifically about race. The podcast was born after Christina ran Jackie’s campaign for school board. Jackie’s black and Christina’s white and they were forced to have many uncomfortable conversations on the campaign trail. They found the conversations to be relevant and decided to turn those talks into a weekly podcast.