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No One Knows

May 7-July 9, 2006

In a time when America is questioning the very state of its security and privacy, No One Knows looks at the visual manifestations being produced by local and national emerging artists who are reflecting on this subject. As people are inundated by the media’s depiction of world events, their fears take on many forms—paranoia, the idea of “big brother,” or hatred for minority groups. The works in the exhibition analyze how people are coping with personal and community uncertainties. Some artists are constructing realities to cope with or to conceal their fears while others have decided to confront and challenge them. The exhibition has a range of media including photography, sculpture, printmaking, video and painting. Displayed as a large, site-specific installation, this group exhibition leaves viewers questioning how much fear infiltrates our everyday thought processes, actions and how it has changed our lives.

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Featured Artists:

  • Matthew Albanese
  • Erin Balch
  • Heather Bryant
  • Samantha Forbes
  • Stephanie Frantz
  • Ed Gibbs
  • Terry Girard
  • Kristopher Graves
  • Monée Greenwood
  • Jason Hanasik
  • Stephanie Hanes
  • Kay Hofler
  • Brenda LaBier
  • Tom Siegmund
  • Jessica VanDaam
  • Nathan Vincent