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Matthew Brandt: Sticky/Dusty/Wet

September 12 - December 28, 2014

Imagine creating a recipe with unlikely ingredients that blend and transform into something completely new, unexpected, and delicious. Matthew Brandt has done just that with his fearless, playful, process driven explorations, pushing and pulling on photography’s parameters. In an era of the ubiquitous digital image, he upends the very idea of the medium’s core characteristic—its reproducibility—by making each work unique.

MATTHEW BRANDT sticky/dusty/wet was organized by the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio. It is the artist’s first museum exhibition and features four of his recent series, all made since 2008. 

• Lakes and Reservoirs

• Dust

• Honeybees

• Taste Tests in Color 

Brandt intentionally aligns process with subject by folding in surprising elements from the material world—lake water, bee bodies, and bubblegum, to name a few. In addition to investigating seriality and boldly experimenting with print surface, Brandt also is attuned to complex social and environmental issues, which permeate all of his work. 

Born, raised, and based in Los Angeles, Brandt received his masters of fine arts degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and his bachelor of fine arts degree from Cooper Union in New York City. He has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally and is featured in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Columbus Museum of Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Matthew Brandt is represented by the Yossi Milo Gallery and M+B Gallery. 

MOCA would like to thank the artist, the Columbus Museum of Art and Catherine Evans for their help in realizing this exhibition. We thank the following collectors who generously lent works to this exhibition: Eleanor Alvarez, Gigi and Sam Fried, Peg Mativi and Donald W. Dick, and Neil Rector, all in Columbus; David Birnbaum in Denver, Colorado; and Yossi Milo Gallery in New York City.



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