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User will be required to sign a copy of regulations at contract signing. Please read the following regulations carefully.


A reservation does not hold the date indefinitely. A (non-refundable) deposit is required once the date has been reserved and the Letter of Agreement and Regulations for Special Events are signed.

  • Upon request, a copy of the guest list must be provided.
  • The fee structure for facility usage will be in accordance with the going rate at the time the Letter of Agreement is signed.

Additional fees, if any, will be determined at the time of contract depending on any extraordinary requirements, which would affect normal operations.

    • Atrium: Use of the Atrium includes access to catering kitchen, public facilities, parking, access to audio system and small screen TV (if available)
    • Price Auditorium: Use of the auditorium includes access to projection booth (audio/ lighting, 30'x15' screen (see performance policies), dressing rooms.
    • Galleries: If available, access to the Main Gallery is permitted (some restrictions may apply.) Admission will be free of charge or reduced (group) fee, depending on the exhibit.


Cancellation must be done in writing.

cancellation policy

The deposit of $2,000 (Atrium) or 50% (Rodriguez Pavilion) is non-refundable.

    • 6 months prior to event: refund will be 50% of 2nd payment 
    • 4 months prior to event: no refund of 2nd payment
    • 3 months prior to event: User will be responsible for the total contracted amount.

Cancellation by MOCA: MOCA reserves the right to cancel an event up to 4 months in advance (with a full refund of the deposit) should it conflict with a MOCA event.

changes to event

MOCA must be notified of any changes immediately. If there are no changes made by one week in advance, it will be assumed that there will indeed be no surprise changes made the evening of the event by either MOCA or the User.


The following holidays, when the museum is closed, are subject to special holiday rates which may be at a higher cost than average day of week.

  • New Year's Eve
  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day

logistics approval

  • MOCA must review and approve in advance all proposed logistical plans for special events, including but not limited to choice of caterer, rental company, valet parking service, as well as proposed construction plans, space configuration, circulation plan, seating arrangements, lighting, decor, entertainment and all set-up and delivery.
  • MOCA further reserves the right to reject any logistical plans that it deems to be hazardous or otherwise problematic to the safe and proper management of the premises.
  • Contracts with all vendors will be solely between User and respective vendors. User will ensure that all such vendors review and agree to comply with requirements imposed by MOCA
  • Rentals: Additional rentals must be approved by MOCA. Delivery and pick-up of outside rentals must be coordinated with MOCA.
  • Tent(s) on MOCA property. Permission to add tents/structures on MOCA property is granted only after MOCA has reviewed User's request, logistics/size/city requirements, etc. Additional fees will apply.


MOCA's security guards must be on premises until breakdown of event. Charges for security services start before 10 a.m. and after 4 pm on Monday-Saturday and before noon and after 4pm on Sunday. Security requirements will be assessed on an individual basis.


Clean up and removal of refuse from the special event is the responsibility of User and/or User's vendors. However, User may NOT hire an outside cleaning crew. If extra help is needed, prior arrangements should be made through MOCA staff and User will be billed for special janitorial services performed by MOCA's maintenance personnel.


Preferred Vendor List
does not have an "in-house" catering service. The caterer you select must be an official, licensed business having liability and workmen compensation insurance coverage. We are pleased to make recommendations and necessarily reserve the right of final approval. You can also view our list of current vendors.

  • Caterer must provide a copy of its certification by the Health Department.
  • Caterer is responsible for set-up and breakdown; any other arrangement must be approved by MOCA. Caterers must have at least one logistical meeting with MOCA staff before the event to discuss deliveries, set-up logistics and other concerns.
  • Breakdown must occur immediately after the event, including removal of all rental items and decorations.
  • User will be responsible for ensuring that caterers clean up thoroughly, this includes depositing all trash in the correct containers or carrying it away with them.
  • A $300 clean-up deposit from the caterer is required the day of the event. Deposit will be returned within three (3) working days after the event.
  • Any additional cleaning requirements (i.e., stains, garbage, etc.) will be billed to the User.

smoking, food and beverage restrictions

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the facility, including the auditorium, stage area and kitchen.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in gallery and auditorium areas.
  • User is responsible to obtain an ABC license, which must be posted with beverage/bar; a copy of the license must be provided to MOCA.


All decoration must be approved by a MOCA liaison and meet all City fire code requirements. Decor and signs must be freestanding; hanging decor from trees is not permitted. Live plants must be clean and free of pests.

    • Tree lights are not part of the rental agreement.
    • NOT PERMITTED: glitter, confetti (includes table decor), helium balloons, sparklers, flower petals, and anything that may leave debris in- or outdoors. Fee for removal of helium balloons is $1,000 as a specialized lift must be rented. 
    • Permitted OUTDOORS ONLY: Bubbles, bird seed. 
    • Walkway decor/lighting must be pre-approved, including set-up/removal. All hanging brackets, strings, wires are to be removed completely by user. Absolutely no hanging from nails on any interior walls.
    • Should any special electrical need become evident, MOCA must be notified of these no less than two (2) weeks in advance.


We advise you to rely on your personal (cell) phone if you expect calls during your function. Administrative offices will be closed to the public and vendors; use of office phones may be permitted only in emergencies and in the presence of security.

printed material and publicity

  • All invitations, posters, flyers, signs or other publicity pertaining to the event, including press releases, must be approved in advance of printing with the MOCA liaison.
  • Use of the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art name is permitted only to announce the location for the event. The User may make no claim or imply that MOCA is in any way sponsoring the event. Any exceptions must be approved by MOCA in writing. 
  • Hanging large signs on the outside of the Center is not permitted. Any exceptions must be approved by MOCA.

price auditorium


  • All fees must be paid in advance. In case of cancellation (by User) fees are not refundable (excluding security and cleaning costs).
  • Technical staff hired by User must be familiar with MOCA's lighting and audio system.
  • At the conclusion of the performance, circuits/dimmers must be repositioned to MOCA's requirements.
  • Set installation must be approved by MOCA. Nailing set to the floor is not permitted; construction and painting of sets must be done off-premises.
  • Set must be movable to allow auditorium use during non-contracted time. This includes access to screen and stage area.
  • Any rights, royalties (music, play) and associated fees are the responsibility of the User.
  • All applicable taxes on tickets, promotional items, etc., is the responsibility of the User.
  • No food or drinks inside the auditorium. User is responsible to advise audience of policy.
  • All trash must be removed from dressing rooms, stage and projection booth.
  • Additional charges apply for productions that require above-average energy use.

regulations compliance

Failure to comply with any of these regulations can result in event cancellation by MOCA.

MOCA. Courtesy of Echard Wheeler Photography.
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MOCA. Courtesy of Justin Hankins Photography.
MOCA. Courtesy of Justin Hankins Photography.
MOCA. Courtesy of Justin Hankins Photography.
MOCA. Courtesy of Justin Hankins Photography.