Youth Art Month¬

Youth Art Month

Callan Barboza, Map of the Heavens, Cox High School, 11th Grade, Jessica Van Veenhuyzen, Art Teacher.


March 3, 2022-March 27, 2022

Each March, Virginia MOCA celebrates Youth Art Month to underscore the value of arts education and its importance to young artists of all interests and abilities.

In 1961, the Council of Art Education established what was called Children’s Art Month to advocate for quality art programs in school divisions across the country. By 1969, the event had grown to include the works of older students, evolving to the model of Youth Art Month that we celebrate today.

It’s a time for schools to support and showcase the impact of art education with administrators, community leaders, and parents. Visual arts contribute to a vital, well-rounded curriculum, providing kids with creative and critical learning opportunities.

We hope you enjoy these works from the artists of today and leaders of tomorrow.