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Studio Programs Teaching Artists 2023

Studio Work

Anna Freeman, Evaporated/Saturated II, 2023. Porcelain with glaze. Courtesy of the artist.


June 8, 2023-August 20, 2023

Virginia MOCA collaborates with regional teaching artists to develop exceptional hands-on studio experiences for all ages and skill levels inspired by the artwork in the Museum galleries. This exhibition celebrates these teaching artists and features a diverse range of artwork, including painting, sculpture, mixed media, and more. Each work of art represents the artist’s unique perspective and the creative methods they employ in their teaching practice.

Our Studio Programs aim to connect our community with contemporary, concept-based thinking and art-making practices. We hope this exhibition inspires you to join us for a class or workshop and discover new creative processes and techniques, and produce your own works of contemporary art.


Chris Buhner, Renee Calway, Elijah Chumley, Donna Iona Drozda, Marlowe Emerson, Sherród Faulks, Anna Freeman, Rachel Jaffe, James O’Connor, and Bria Tyler.