Real Food Films¬


Still image from Real Food Films.

February 6, 2021-June 6, 2021

Real Food Films began as an international competition for short films on food, farming, and sustainability. Many gifted storytellers from around the world have shared their powerful food narratives. In partnership with Real Food Media, Virginia MOCA presents a curated selection of these stories from within our region to around the globe. The films are arranged under the following themes:

Food Worker Stories

Youth, Schools & Education

Biodiversity & Natural Resources

Health, Hunger & Food Access

Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Communities

Urban Food, Farming & Community-Building

We hope these films inspire our community to learn more about food systems, to engage with food issues, and to consider how food can be a starting point for building a better world.

Real Food Media is a nonprofit organization that works for food system transformation. They strive to be a clear voice for the sustainable food movement. They use a broad range of communication tools to break down complex ideas and to combat misinformation about food. Real Food Media wants people to change how they think about the food they eat and their role within the system that determines how food is produced.

Twitter: @realfoodmedia, Facebook: @realfoodmediaproject, Instagram: @realfoodmedia