Open (C)all 2022:¬

What is Missing?

Open (C)all 2022: What is Missing?

April 21, 2022-September 4, 2022


We invited Hampton Roads artists of all ages to participate in our Open (C)all 2022 exhibition. This year we asked for submissions inspired by the environmentally focused interactive project What is Missing? created by internationally-renowned artist Maya Lin.

Open (C)all 2022: What is Missing? will be displayed in conjunction with Maya Lin’s exhibition at Virginia MOCA, Maya Lin: A Study of WaterWhat Is Missing? combines in-depth ecological research with personal memories contributed by individuals all over the world. The project brings attention to biodiversity and habitat loss while also inspiring us with stories of conservation and hope.

Open (C)all 2022 will be on display in the Community Gallery at Virginia MOCA from April 21–September 4, 2022.

Do you have a memory about a species (animal, bird, fish) or a habitat (forest, river, stream, grassland) that you remember being more abundant that has now disappeared or diminished with time? Have you witnessed the results of a successful conservation project? It can be something you remember or something your older family or friends may have told you about.

Share your memory to have your voice added to the project. Visit