Open (C)all 2021:¬

Food & Memory

OPEN (C)ALL 2021

Anne McNally, “Skid Row” Los Angeles 2020, 2020. Oil on linen. Courtesy of the artist.

February 6, 2021-June 6, 2021

Food connects us. It brings us together, shapes our identity, and creates understanding.

To complement our exhibition Nourish, Virginia MOCA invited Hampton Roads artists of all ages to create works of art exploring food and memory.

Food memories are powerful, involving all five senses, and often evoke feelings of nostalgia. We remember more than just the food; these memories can bring strong associations of a person, place, time, or event. The preparation of food or the experience of eating can become symbolic.

We would like to thank all artists who participated in this exhibition for sharing their creativity and memories with us.