Michelle Erickson:¬

Conversations in Clay

May 21, 2015-August 16, 2015

“Although mimicry, appropriation, and even direct use of historical artifacts and their refuse can be extraordinarily effective means of reference, my art is actually about the connection gained during the intimate act of re-creation” —Michelle Erickson

World-renowned and Virginia-based ceramic artist, Michelle Erickson investigates both historical and contemporary social issues. Ceramics and pottery have a cultural legacy in issues such as war, slavery, power, and class. Societal ills such as these have not faded and, in fact, are particularly relevant today. The artist reinterprets historical ceramic techniques to create narratives about the extremity of the human condition to create masterful works that engage and inspire.

Both her reproductions and contemporary pieces have won critical acclaim internationally and been featured in many national and international publications. Collected in major museums both in the U.S. and abroad, Erickson has routinely lectured and demonstrated on pottery at historical sites, museums, and schools for more than twenty years. She completed an Artist-in-Residence at London’s renowned Victoria and Albert Museum in 2012.

Virginia MOCA would like to thank the artist and Sonny and Gloria Kamm for their help in realizing this art exhibition.


Michelle Erickson: Conversations in Clay