Hampton Boyer:¬

There’s No Place Like Here

March 21, 2020-January 3, 2021

Hampton Boyer has spent much of his life in and around Hampton Roads. Layers of bright, clear colors and geometric forms with complex texture and composition make his work bold, graphic, and arresting. Inspiration and influence come to Boyer from many sources: street art, graphic novels, music, contemporary artists, and art history.

This new series of artwork debuting at Virginia MOCA comes in the midst of a creative evolution for Boyer as he considers his path as an artist, both in our community and beyond. Boyer is exploring his process through landscape and interior scenes, painting separate elements such as figures, furniture, plants and hills that are then collaged together by arranging the smaller painted components on a larger canvas. He shifts, adds, and subtracts to achieve the final composition.

By using color to dramatic effect, his new paintings are bright and accessible while holding tensions that invite deep viewing. Hues shift as they compete for prominence, each one visually pushing forward or receding as they demand attention in turn. Bright spiky star shapes dance in air. Foliage in variegated shades of green crowd for space. The gaze of a small dog directs the viewer to discover more details. These are the elements that keep the eye roving inside the painting, moving from shape to shape. The energy shimmers off the canvases, inciting emotions from joy to unease.

Hampton Boyer is a figurative painter working in Norfolk, Virginia. A self-taught artist, Boyer creates graphics, paintings and murals. He has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions. In 2014, Boyer cofounded 670 Gallery in Hampton, Virginia. While there, he served as Creative Director until 2017. Boyer currently works as advisor, curator, and business developer for The Contemporary Arts Network (CAN). The CAN serves as advisors for corporations and private individuals in the coastal region and beyond.


Interview with Hampton Boyer