Brian Kreydatus, Self Portrait on 53rd Birthday, 2022. Oil on paper mounted on board. Courtesy of the artist.

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OCTOBER 8, 2022–FEBRUARY 5, 2023

Home has taken on new meaning in the past two years. The pandemic forced us inside our homes, making us more aware of our spaces and the people with whom we share our home. We got to experience our friends, family, loved ones, and roommates in new ways. We have gained a new insight into each other's habits, odd traits, and pet peeves.

In Homebodies, artist Brian Kreydatus explores relationships and spaces in the time of a pandemic. These paintings and prints document and archive him, his home, and his family during this challenging time. From messy tables, to Zoom meetings, to naps, to mindless internet scrolling, this is how he lived. In fact, it is how many of us lived.

Brian Kreydatus is a professor at William & Mary where he has taught printmaking and life drawing since 2001. He received his BFA from Syracuse University and MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. He has had solo exhibitions in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. Kreydatus has also participated in group shows in New York, Philadelphia, Ireland, France, Serbia, Canada, China, and Japan.


Gallery Talk with Brian Kreydatus

January 13, 2023

Join Homebodies artist Brian Kreydatus for a gallery talk exploring his current exhibition.


Master Class with Brian Kreydatus

January 14, 2023

Learn from artist Brian Kreydatus how to enhance your life drawing and printmaking skills to create unique monoprints! We’ll start with a brief overview of the history of monotype and then proceed to make our first prints by arranging a still-life composition and exploring the basics of the materials and printing processes to be used.