Intermediate Ceramics: Pottery for Plant People¬

A simple ceramic vessel sits on a wooden stool outside. There is sunlight shining through the leaves that are protruding from the vessel.

Courtesy of Sherród Faulks


Saturday, April 13, 2024
12:00 PM-3:00 PM
Virginia MOCA


ADULTS (16+)
4 Sessions
Instructor: Sherród Faulks

Get inspired by the art on view in our galleries, and work with a local artist to create your own wheel-thrown ceramic artworks for use with plants.

In this multi-session class, we’ll create a dazzling array of planters, propagation vessels, bud vases, full-size vases, and plant accessories. Each week we’ll focus on a different skillset that will enable us to create a specific kind of plant vessel. We’ll then refine that form and explore topics of functionality and design evolution. After glazing and completing all of the work from the course, students will leave with several new plant accessories of their own design and a newfound understanding of creating plant-focused pottery.

Level: Basic wheel-throwing experience required
Saturdays, April 13–May 4
12:00–3:00 PM
Members $175, Nonmembers $190

Extended Classwork Hours

Want a little more time to work on class projects and practice your new skills? Sign up for our extended classwork hours!

Extended classwork hours are intended to give you more time in the studio to work outside of class time. For a flat rate of $50, you’ll have access to 4 additional days in the studio (20 hours total) without guided instruction.

Working Hours: Sundays, April 14–May 5 from 10:00 AM–3:00 PM

Last day for working with wet clay: Sunday, April 28
Last day for glazing: Sunday, May 5


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