Artist Mehveş Lelic.


Thursday, November 10
11:00 AM

Instagram | @virginiamoca

Join Heather Hakimzadeh, curator, for a conversation with past and current Virginia MOCA exhibiting artists. Guest artists will give us a look inside their studios, share current projects, and discuss process and inspiration. Find us on Instagram @virginiamoca.

This month’s guest is Mehveş Lelic, More than Shelter artist.

Mehveş Lelic is an artist, curator, and educator. She ponders modernity and heritage, belonging, and the resulting relationship with the environment. Lelic earned a BA from the University of Chicago. She currently serves as curator at the Academy Art Museum in Easton, MD, and is a Photography MFA student at Bard College.

Lelic is a prolific artist who has shown extensively throughout the United States and the world such as the Rotterdam Photo Festival, PhotoNOLA, Filter Photo Chicago, the Ogden Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art Baltimore, Cosmos Arles France, the Photographers’ Gallery Istanbul, and others. Her images aim to evoke the subtle, elusive, and quiet intensity of clinging to heritage but remaining caught in a globalized, ever-connected world where pride and fear seem to co-exist.


More Than Shelter


The essentials for human survival are food, water, and shelter. These needs take precedence over all the others. Virginia MOCA continues our investigations of basic human needs with the new exhibition More Than Shelter. Eleven artists received an invitation to participate in this exhibition. We asked each one to consider what the idea of shelter means to them and choose an avenue of investigation. The artists connected with partners who provided unique insight into their area of expertise. Shelter is both a verb and a noun. It can mean a home, a community, or the people and places that makes us feel safe and welcomed. It also means to listen, care, and to support one another, our community, our land, our minds, our society, and our futures.

OCTOBER 8, 2022–FEBRUARY 5, 2023