Atrium Artist in Residence: Seda Pound¬

Seda Pound

Artist Seda Pound. Photo courtesy of the artst


Saturday, March 23, 2024
10:00 AM-3:00 PM
Virginia MOCA

Engage with working artists creating on-site exploring themes and materials in conjunction with Mark Dion and Alexis Rockman: Journey to Nature’s Underworld. Artists will have mobile studios set up in the Virginia MOCA Atrium. The residency aims to support and amplify the work of regional artists while creating another entry point for Museum visitors to engage with contemporary art and ideas in connection with the main gallery exhibitions.

On Saturdays, March 23–April 13, our Artist in Residence is Seda Pound.


Seda Pound is known for her boldly colored oil paintings that reinterpret classic landscape themes in a contemporary fashion. With intuition guiding her color choices and composition, Seda paints from photographs and impressions from her travels around the world. She enjoys keeping her subject matter familiar and exploring new palettes, texture and shapes, resulting in paintings that are at once unexpected yet accessible.

“I believe that nature’s bold, saturated colors can trigger strong emotions and touch our souls. I love to create quasi-abstract landscapes to evoke particular moods and feelings with clean composition, color, and geometry. During my painting process, I plan my lines, forms and shapes but I let go with my colors and let my instincts lead the way to create an intuitive harmony. My surroundings continually influence my work, and painting is my way to show the world around us in a new light.”

Seda was born in Ankara, Turkey, and moved to Istanbul in her teen years. Growing up she loved to paint, but when she finished college she moved to the U.S. for an M.B.A. and pursued a career in Business in California. She started painting full time when her family moved to Virginia, where she now works from her home studio and exhibits her paintings through her website, social media, regional galleries and museums.

Seda has shown her artwork in multiple cities in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Seda’s art has received numerous competitive awards, including “First Place” and “Award of Excellence”. In 2023, she was selected as one of 22 artists to create a digital reproduction of her original artwork for a 10-foot tall public art location identifier sign at the Virginia Beach Convention Center located in the ViBe Creative District of Virginia Beach, VA.



Katie Prock Just Between Us

Atrium Artists In Residence: Seda Pound, Katie Prock, and Rowena Federico Finn

This group exhibition features new work by the 2024 Atrium Artists in Residence cohort, who were invited to make the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art their working space and site for connection with the broader community.

December 9, 2023-June 16, 2024