Altered Images Workshop with Heather Beardsley¬

Altered photograph by Heather Beardsley

Photo courtesy Heather Beardsley


Sunday, May 26, 2024
11:00 AM-1:00 PM
Virginia MOCA


Join artist Heather Beardsley for an all-ages workshop where we’ll use mixed media to envision a more biodiverse Hampton Roads. Together, we’ll combine drawing materials and natural objects to alter vintage images of spaces within our community. Through the process of artmaking, community members will help visualize what our region might look like if nature was given more room to thrive.

Works created during this program may be included in a community portion of Beardsley’s upcoming exhibition Tell the Bees, which will be on view in the Virginia MOCA Fleming Gallery from July 12–September 15, 2024. Selected images will be turned into lenticular prints and displayed as a community installation.

Our friends from Norfolk Botanical Garden will be on-site with native plants to examine, as well as information and resources about how you can help support biodiversity in Hampton Roads!


Art by Heather Beardsley

Heather Beardsley: Tell the Bees


Heather Beardsley’s Tell the Bees is more than an exhibition; it’s a conversation. Lean in and whisper your hopes for a thriving environment to the native bees that keep our world green. Beardsley invites us to co-create a sustainable world, one bee at a time.

This journey began with silence. Beardsley became alarmed at the absence of biodiversity and native pollinators in our region. Her response? The creation of bee hotels, each one sculpted from local materials. They are sanctuaries that provide nesting materials to native pollinators. This fusion of form and function is a testament to the resonance between art and ecology.

The centerpiece for the exhibition is Conversations with Bees, an interactive sculpture. Here, the artist invites visitors to deliver messages through a hidden microphone to a nearby bee haven on Virginia MOCA grounds. This dialogue is a recognition of our profound interconnectedness with the natural world.

Beyond Message for the Bees, a community art project takes rootMembers of our community collaborated with Beardsley to create lenticular prints that showcase a powerful vision. These images juxtapose vintage images of Virginia Beach with one that includes a crucial element of a thriving ecosystem. Imagine if the planners had embraced biodiversity—what might the landscape look like today? Witnessing this transformation, community members become drawn into environmental stewardship, active participants in Beardsley’s vision for Virginia Beach. Tell the Bees isn’t an ending; it’s a call to action. Immerse yourself in the beauty and purpose of Beardsley’s artwork, and leave feeling empowered to make a difference in your own backyard.

July 12, 2024-September 15, 2024