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Double-Edged: Pop-up Exhibition at BOJUart Gallery

fri, mar 1 | 6pm  

Location: BOJUart Gallery, 1703 Mediterranean Ave. Virginia Beach

MOCA gave 12 local artists a challenge to make a piece of art following specific rules. All they were told is that they would have to collaborate with another artist within a limited timeframe. A daunting task, perhaps even a little scary, but they accepted the challenge anyway! The artists of Double-Edged have proven themselves talented, open, generous, and brave. When combined, they are a force. Double-Edged will be on view at BOJUart Gallery Mar 1–30.

The artists teams are:

1. Derek Eley & Caitlin Blomstrom

2. Nikki Leone & Hampton Boyer

3. Evan Sokal & Heidi Peelen

4. Megan Wynne & Jeff Tarkenton

5. Kimberly Munn & Staci Vella Katsias

6. Sam Clayman & Todd Webb