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Double-Edged: Pop-up Exhibition at BOJUart Gallery

March 1 - 30, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, March 1, 6pm

Life is full of challenges. They are what make us grow and evolve. Adventurous people seek them out even when it makes them uncomfortable. This winter, MOCA laid down a challenge to 12 artists from our region.

MOCA invited them to make an artwork under specific rules. But, none of the artists knew what the rules would be. The only hint given was that they need to collaborate in some way with another artist in a limited amount of time. All 12 artists took up the challenge.

Each received a box full of seemingly random material, a set of rules and a partner/collaborator. The result is Double Edged. The six pairs of artists found six different approaches to collaboration. The duos shared, learned, abided by or discarded the rules, and expanded their artistic community.  They are all talented, open, generous, and brave.  Their experience proves that when you dare to go down a new path, meet new people, and try new things, your world expands, and life becomes richer.

The artists teams are:

1. Derek Eley & Caitlin Blomstrom

2. Nikki Leone & Hampton Boyer

3. Evan Sokal & Heidi Peelen

4. Megan Wynne & Jeff Tarkenton

5. Kimberly Munn & Staci Vella Katsias

6. Sam Clayman & Todd Webb

Location: BOJUart Gallery, 1703 Mediterranean Ave. Virginia Beach