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Rosa Leff, There Goes the Neighborhood, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.


ROSA LEFF believes that there is no distinction between fine art and craft. Things that are hand-made should be done well. This is how the artist creates her hand-cut paper pieces.

Leff cuts each work by hand with a knife from a single sheet of paper.  She creates cityscapes from her own photos, taken near and far. Leff is best known for capturing thin tangles of power lines and intricate brickwork. However, she also enjoys experimenting with novel media such as paper plates and paper towels. The result is a modern, urban perspective on a traditional folk medium.

Leff serves on the board of The Guild of American Papercutters and is a member of The Paper Artist Collective. She has exhibited her work throughout the Mid-Atlantic and in China. She resides in Baltimore with her husband, Asher, and chihuahuas, Chalupa and Refrito.



More Than Shelter

More Than Shelter


The essentials for human survival are food, water, and shelter. These needs take precedence over all the others. Virginia MOCA continues our investigations of basic human needs with the new exhibition More Than Shelter. Eleven artists received an invitation to participate in this exhibition. We asked each one to consider what the idea of shelter means to them and choose an avenue of investigation. The artists connected with partners who provided unique insight into their area of expertise. Shelter is both a verb and a noun. It can mean a home, a community, or the people and places that makes us feel safe and welcomed. It also means to listen, care, and to support one another, our community, our land, our minds, our society, and our futures.


October 8, 2022-February 5, 2023