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Through her partnership with ForKids for More Than Shelter, Wynne is exploring what it means to have a home as a mom and the struggle to maintain her identity as an artist.

MEGAN WYNNE is a multi-media artist based in Chesapeake, VA. She has been included in New Waves (now Made in VA) six times. Wynne also participated in the pilot exhibition, Double Edged.

Megan Wynne's work focuses on the relationship between herself and her children. She explores the intensity and interdependence of human relationships, navigating the shifting dynamics of power and patterns of dysfunction. She brings up uncomfortable questions on themes of motherhood, femininity, emotional health, and childrearing.

Wynne mostly works with photography and video. She has been included in exhibitions across the country. Wynne recently co-produced an episode of WHRO’s Curate and has been nominated for an Emmy award.



FORKIDS was established in May 1988 to provide emergency shelter to families and children, ForKids has grown to become one of the largest providers of homeless services to families in Virginia. Their team is data driven, trauma-informed and deeply committed to helping families and children thrive. We believe stable housing, a great education and a healthy, diverse community are essential to the welfare of our families.

In 14 cities and counties in Southeastern Virginia, ForKids delivers quality individualized client-focused solutions designed to achieve stability for families and a lifetime of success for children.



More Than Shelter


The essentials for human survival are food, water, and shelter. These needs take precedence over all the others. Virginia MOCA continues our investigations of basic human needs with the new exhibition More Than Shelter. Eleven artists received an invitation to participate in this exhibition. We asked each one to consider what the idea of shelter means to them and choose an avenue of investigation. The artists connected with partners who provided unique insight into their area of expertise. Shelter is both a verb and a noun. It can mean a home, a community, or the people and places that makes us feel safe and welcomed. It also means to listen, care, and to support one another, our community, our land, our minds, our society, and our futures.

OCTOBER 8, 2022–FEBRUARY 5, 2023