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Andy Harris: A Second Helping of Leftovers

September 22 - December 30, 2018

“My collages read as simple objects.  Articles of trash floating down the street are portrayed in a way that compounds the true nature of their existence. I’m drawn to producing gravity and dimension while creating work that is playful and energetic. I walk, I collect, I produce.”

What happens to objects when we no longer want or need them? A tool, a telephone, a fast food wrapper, all discarded and forgotten about.

Disposing of objects without much thought has unfortunately become part of our throwaway society. Andy Harris stops to take a second look at these discarded objects and uses them as inspiration and source materials. Harris is a collector of objects.  He shines a light on the forgotten and the rejected to reintroduce them back into our culture through art. His artworks reveal hidden stories and encourage viewers to make their own personal connections to the object.

Working in mixed media collage, Harris has a recognizable visual aesthetic. He creates rich textured surfaces using hand painted papers to depict singular objects as bold graphic forms. His works have an immediate allure. They are relatable and yet fresh and unexpected. Harris prompts viewers to reflect on the role waste plays in our everyday lives, from creation to consumption and beyond.

MOCA would like to thank the artist for his help in realizing this exhibition.

Born in Durham, North Carolina and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Andy Harris earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is an art educator at Old Donation School in Virginia Beach and a Fawn Street Studios artist in downtown Norfolk.