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VIBE Creative District Mural Panels (OFF-SITE)


MOCA is proud to partner with local artists and creative businesses on the NEW VIBE Creative District. A short drive from MOCA, the VIBE Creative District is a unique and interesting local community in Virginia Beach that shares the talents of local artists, makers and creative entrepreneurs. For the outdoor mural project, Richmond artist Ed Trask and Virginia Beach artist Igor Acord organized volunteers to paint and create murals to be installed on 18th Street, between Mediterranean and Cypress Streets. This area has been identified as the common area for future Second Saturday collaborations and fundraising events for the VIBE Creative District. 

Vision of ViBe Creative District

A group of artists, restaurants and businesses in and around 18th Street came together last year to organize an event. Based on this success, there was momentum to expand that effort and formally develop a creative district in the area. The ViBe Creative District was formally established by the City Council on April 21, 2015. 

  • The district will focus on local and regional working artists and related retail.
  • It will attract both residents and visitors.
  • It is our hope that it will include an adaptive re-use location for a space for the production of art such as a welding studio, digital media center, ceramics.
  • It will promote the work of local individual artists and galleries.

Goals & Objectives of ViBe District 

    • ​To serve as a vibrant center for the arts, culture, technology, that is environmentally friendly. 
    • To enhance a sense of discovery for visitors and residents by revitalizing the area and making this uniquely ours.                              
    • To encourage the arts and artists as well as technical and creative resources to help them flourish and cross-pollinate. 
    • To support and expand the industry and creativity of those who live and work in the District. 
    • To stimulate commerce and enhance the quality of life for citizens of Virginia Beach and the District. 
    • To foster rising real estate values by helping the district become a place where people want to be. 
    • To assist in creating resources to help artists and artisans become established within the District.  

Benefits to the Community         

  • Bolster local economy by increased business activity​
  • Become a more active Resort year-round
  • Help shape our City's identity through the arts


Download the mural application to submit your idea!

Art projects in the VIBE Creative District are generously funded by the Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs and the Business Consortium for Arts Support.  


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