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Satellite Gallery: blade wynne

Feb 9 - May 27, 2017

Blade Wynne: Yard Work

Blade Wynne’s paintings walk a delicate balance between abstraction and realism. What may at first appear to be a barrage of color and form coalesce to become a whole. A pile of leaves or the edge of a house take shape in our line of vision. When Wynne paints, it is like a dance. He moves between color and form, back and forth, working to discover a visual solution to the different pictorial relationships.  Details push forward and then recede in their competition. Unimportant elements fall away and the essentials remain.  The paintings stand as a colorful relic of the act of creation.

Wynne’s palette plays it cool with undertones of pale blues and greens, punctuated with deep reds and ochres. Cool detachment also marks his approach to subject matter.  The images evoke suburbia and the tranquil moments of a quiet afternoon. The artist’s emotional distance allows the spectator’s ideas to move in and fill the void. Here, familiarity breeds reflection and stillness. The artist’s view is a shared one, but his vision is uniquely his own.

Blade Wynne received his BFA in painting from Pratt Institute in 2002 and his MFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design in 2008. His work has been exhibited widely in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago.  He is a 2013 recipient of the VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship, (Professional Award) as well as the Virginia Commission for the Arts Fellowship in Painting. Wynne currently resides in Chesapeake, Virginia.

This exhibition is organized by The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Curated by Heather Hakimzadeh. MOCA would like to thank Blade Wynne and The Runnymede Corporation for their help in realizing this exhibition.


Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm. There is no charge for admission. MOCA has partnered with The Runnymede Corporation to open a permanent satellite gallery in the lobby of their Virginia Beach headquarters at 600 22nd Street, Pavilion II, a short walk from the museum. MOCA Satellite Gallery at Towne Pavilion II has over 80 combined feet of wall space spanning the lobby and hallways of the first floor. Exhibitions will rotate every four months featuring work from local and regional artists, some available for purchase. Exhibitions are curated by MOCA Curator, Heather Hakimzadeh and Director of Exhibitions and Education, Alison Byrne.

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