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Summer 2018 registration opens for Members on Monday, May 21 and Tuesday, May 22 for Non-members.

Summer 2018 

Nifty 50: Getting the Most Out of Your Prime Lens    

Instructor: Judith Soule 
Learn the different characteristics and explore the versatility of the 50mm lens, especially the advantages in low light. A fixed focal length lens forces you to move around in order to achieve the composition you want, allowing you the flexibility to get in close to capture details or pull back and tell more of the story with a wide angle shot. You will leave this workshop with the confidence to carry just one lens to do it all, no matter your photography style! Students must have DSLR camera and 50mm prime lens and have taken Photo 1: Intro to Photography or have permission from the instructor to take the course. Participants are welcome to bring a bag lunch.
Members $60, Nonmembers $75

June 29  
Friday, 9:30- 3:30pm
1 day workshop

Master Class with Echard Wheeler

Join New Waves 2018 exhibiting artist Echard Wheeler for a Master Class inspired by his artistic viewpoint and process. Wheeler has been capturing images for over thirty years and specializes in commercial, documentary, and lifestyle photography. His recent documentary series captures the people and everyday images of his hometown, Virginia Beach.

This workshop will focus on finding the interesting in the ordinary and encourage participants to discover their own artistic voice by documenting the world around them. Wheeler will discuss the importance of shooting intuitively, camera technique, ethics of photojournalism, and shooting film. We will then head to the boardwalk to take photos and reconvene to discuss, critique, and troubleshoot.

Please bring your own digital camera with manual capabilities, empty memory card, and a wide-angle lens. Students must be comfortable using their manual settings on their camera.
Members $60, Non-members $75

July 21
Saturday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm  
1 Day Workshop

Photo I: Introduction to Photography

This class presents a solid foundation of digital SLR camera use through in-class demonstrations and lectures as well as hands on classwork and homework. Lectures and assignments cover manual shooting modes, image storage capabilities, file types, menus, exposure, light, shutter effects, and the resulting creative possibilities. A digital SLR camera is preferable but any camera with manual capabilities will work as well for this class. No previous camera knowledge or experience is required. Photo editing skills will not be covered in this class. Please bring the manual that came with your camera to the first class. The book Understanding Exposure, 4th Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera by Bryan Peterson is required.
Members $115, Nonmembers $130

July 10 to August 14 
Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30am
6 Weeks; Beginner
Instructor: Lauren Keim

July 10 to August 14 (No Class July 24)
Tuesdays, 6:30-9:00pm
5 Weeks; Beginner
Instructor: Judith Soule 

Lightroom I: Introduction to Lightroom

Instructor: Judith Soule
Adobe Lightroom is essential software for both amateur and professional photographers wanting to manage and edit their photographs. The focus of this class will be on learning to download, organize, manage, develop, and present your photography, ensuring a smooth transition to a managed photography workflow. Students will need to bring a laptop computer to class loaded with the latest version of Lightroom as well as the book The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Book for Digital Photographers (Voices That Matter) 1st Edition by Scott Kelby.
Members $115, Nonmembers $130

July 11 to August 15 (No Class July 25)
Wednesdays, 6:30 - 9:00pm
5 Weeks; Intermediate to Advance

Photo 3: Challenge Your Creativity

Instructor: Lauren Keim  
Take your newfound knowledge to the next level with this continuation of Photo 1 and Photo 2. In this course, students will move beyond the mere technical aspects of digital photography to expand their creativity and begin to develop their personal style. Students will continue to strengthen their skills as both photographers and viewers of art. This class is about exploring your personal style as a photographer, and through photo critique, class discussion, and weekly assignments, students will take their knowledge past what is merely technically proficient to begin to deepen their creative skills. Hands-on activities and field trips will continue to lay the foundation of developing a personal style. Participants must have taken Intro 1 and/or Intro 2 or have permission from the instructor to attend. Please purchase a notebook or scrapbook for both journaling and storing pictures for class.
Members $115, Nonmembers $130

July 11 to August 15
Wednesdays, 9:30 – 11:30pm  
6 Weeks; Intermediate to Advance

Photoshop II: Intermediate Editing and Compositing

Instructor: Jim Setzer
Photographers and other graphic artists dive further into the powerful yet complex digital processing tool - Adobe Photoshop. Build on the techniques practiced in Photoshop I to learn how to bring out amazing details in your landscapes, create flawless but realistic skin in portraits, advanced selection and compositing, and much more as you explore power of Photoshop.  The six-week course will highlight a different technique each two hour session, with homework assignments to try your hand and share your results with the rest of the class. . Students are welcome to bring their own laptop with Photoshop to class or may use MOCA’s computers. Participants must have taken Photoshop I or have permission from the instructor to attend.
Members $115, Nonmembers $130

July 12 to August 16
Thursdays, 6:30 – 8:30pm   
6 Weeks; Intermediate to Advance

Photo II: On Location

Instructor: Judith Soule
This course is a continuation of the Introduction to Digital Photography class and meets off site at designated location. Students will learn how to be more creative with their digital photographs by further exploring light and composition as well as additional camera settings and shooting in black and white. The emphasis of this class is shooting photographs. Students will be given shooting assignments during class to help them learn new techniques. Students must have taken Intro 1 or have permission from the instructor to take this class. Knowledge of photo editing software is helpful but not required. The book Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision by David DuChemin is required. This class meets at various offsite locations.
Members $115, Nonmembers $130

July 12 to August 16 (No Class July 26)
Thursdays, 6:30 - 9:00pm
5 Weeks; Intermediate to Advance


Private Lessons

Having trouble matching your schedule with our current photography offerings? Get one-on-one instruction in Photography and/or Photoshop related areas that meet your specific photographic needs and goals. Date and time of lessons to be determined by the student and instructor.  Lessons must be scheduled for a minimum of one hour, but may be billed in 1/2 hour increments thereafter. Private lessons should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance if possible. Payment is required as soon as the lesson is scheduled. In the event of a cancellation students must notify instructor at least 4 days (96 hours) prior to the scheduled lesson or will be charged for the session. Also, no refunds will be given if a student fails to attend a scheduled session. 

Members $45 per hour for one person or $60 per hour for two people 
Nonmembers $60 per hour for one person or $75 per hour for two people

For more information or to schedule, please contact the education department at 425.0000 x. 329 or email