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Matt Lively: Habitat

April 1-July 23,2016

Opening Reception

Friday, April 1st at 5-7pm at MOCA's Satellite Gallery at Towne Pavilion II in conjunction with First Friday ViBe in the new Virginia Beach Creative Arts District.   

In this exhibition, artist Matt Lively turns his full attention to one familiar icon, houses. Lively’s houses seem like the sophisticated version of a child’s idea of home. In many ways, they are the same; each has Cape Cod architecture, clapboard siding, a pitched roof and two gabled windows. The paintings, cheerful and sweet at first glance, eventually lead one to a sense of unease. They have a personality which gives them life. These are not mere houses, but metaphors for perhaps our own minds, our communities, or the whole of humanity itself. If so, the trials that these seemingly vacant domiciles endure are an echo of our own.

Matt Lively studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University. His paintings have shown in museums and galleries across the country. MOCA recently partnered with Richmond-based artist Matt Lively to create “27 Beecycles" on the back of the Stark and Legum Menswear shop in Norfolk's NEON District.

This exhibition is organized by The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). MOCA would like to thank Matt Lively and The Runnymede Corporation for their help in realizing this exhibition.


Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm. There is no charge for admission. MOCA has partnered with The Runnymede Corporation to open a permanent satellite gallery in the lobby of their Virginia Beach headquarters at 600 22nd Street, Pavilion II, a short walk from the museum. MOCA Satellite Gallery at Towne Pavilion II has over 80 combined feet of wall space spanning the lobby and hallways of the first floor. Exhibitions will rotate every four months featuring work from local and regional artists, some available for purchase. Exhibitions are curated by MOCA Curator, Heather Hakimzadeh and Director of Exhibitions and Education, Alison Byrne.



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