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Master Class with Rose Clancy

Sat, Feb 25
10am - 3pm

MOCA Members $60 | Non-members $75

Description: Join us for a Master Class with Mindful artist Rose Clancy in which participants will join Clancy in conversation as they work with the artist to create a site-specific Dangerous Objects Made Safe sculpture on the grounds of MOCA. Participants will learn about the process of creating rust-stained fabric as they engage in a hands-on rusty object wrapping session. Discussion about the symbolism, meaning, and methods involved in Clancy’s work will continue as participants weave their wrapped objects to the framework of the outdoor sculpture. At the conclusion of the exhibition the sculpture will be dismantled, unwrapped, and participants may claim their fabric. 


Rose Clancy was born in Pittsburg Pennsylvania in 1960. She attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh receiving her Associate Degree in Visual Communications/Graphic Design. Currently, Clancy resides in Pittsburgh and works as a graphic designer.

Clancy is a sculptor, installation artist, and gardener currently working with the reclamation of neglected spaces. Clancy combines found art and plants to reveal her autobiographical vision for nurturing the environment .In an ongoing public art project, titled “Dangerous Objects Made Safe”, Clancy creates found object assemblage sculptures that are comprised of hundreds of dangerous rusty objects, each individually wrapped in white cotton fabric. “Dangerous Objects Made Safe” sculptures are situated in outdoor spaces where they receive exposure to natural elements for extended periods of time ranging from 3 weeks to 6 months. As a sculpture is repeatedly soaked with rainfall, iron oxide leaches from the rusty objects and is absorbed into the fabric – slowly transforming the sculpture’s color from pristine white to a rich palette of rusty yellows, oranges, and browns. At the close of each iteration of the project, the sculpture is dismantled and the encapsulated objects are unwrapped to reveal beautifully abstracted rust stained fabric, full of marks of transformation. 

The process of creating a “Dangerous Objects Made Safe” sculpture, the time period in which it transforms, and the final unwrapping event, are all therapeutic exercises in which Clancy aims to give unnamed, unseen, and unresolved aspects of traumatic life experiences a physical form that can be observed, reflected upon, and celebrated as the work transforms in appearance

MINDFUL PANEL DISCUSSION + Community Resource Night with Rose Clancy on Thu, Feb 23

For questions or to make reservations and ticket purchases by phone, please call 757-425-0000x310 to reach Visitor Services.

Rose Clancy. “Yardage” at The Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh PA. Eco-dyed and rust stained fabric. Photo credit: Tom Little Photography